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October 23 2017


Just because someone has had a crush on you for a long time doesn’t mean you owe them anything

Just because someone has asked you out multiple times doesn’t mean you owe them anything

Just because someone “would die for” you doesn’t mean you owe them anything

Just because someone is heartbroken because you’re not interested doesn’t mean you owe them anything

You don’t owe anyone a date. You don’t own anyone to “at least give it a try”. You don’t owe anyone sex. You don’t owe anyone a hug or a kiss. You don’t owe anyone a second chance. You don’t owe anyone any feelings - including anyone who has feelings for you. 

Never let anyone tell you to feel bad for “not loving back who loves you” - You don’t owe anyone your love








Warlocks are just magic subs.

I need you to explain this

The demons are doms.

Warlocks behave for their sugar demons and get sweet powers as rewards.

I hate this

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“Cruel,” he thought, “how stories go—with men as heroes, wolves as foes.”


i’ve seen a lot of really messed up images in my time on the internet, weird fetish shit, even a few IRL gore images but nothing. NOTHING evokes such a deep seated, gut wrenching fear in me like this image of the fucking water slide from Action Park with the loop in it

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this is the co-creator of D&D 5e. i just want to point that out, this isn’t some random guy tweeting this. this is official staff.

October 22 2017

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Honestly me.

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Welcome to the new economy.

i really hope history looks back on this period as what it is, not what we’ve been sold.









I keep seeing people asking ‘is solarpunk really punk?’ because it’s too happy and optimistic and stuff

and I’m picturing a perfect moment in a solarpunk community — the neighbourhood mayor standing with a shit-eating grin on her face when the cops come and cut them off from city power, and nothing turns off

This is my absolute favorite example of how solarpunk is punk. Also, Detroit (and a lot of other places) could probably use something similar for water. Especially in places where it’s illegal to harvest rainwater. I dunno, maybe water tanks cleverly designed as yard art?

Like… yeah it’s happy and optimistic, but my view of solarpunk at least is in complete defiance of many capitalist ideals so if that’s not punk … ‘Punk’ isn’t edgy, dark and gritty. Not to me. Building a society completely based on renewable resources, accessibility for all, and constant sharing is a big fuck you to the current system if you ask me.

Exactly. Near future solarpunk especially requires rebelling against the current system. Punk is about defiance (at least that’s what it’s come to mean colloquially). Defiance doesn’t have to be destruction and violence and grit, it can look like stubborn creation and community building and rejecting many of the dominant system’s values. 

Wait. Why would harvesting rainwater be illegal?

There’s an interpretation of the concept of property that says if something has value, then someone should be getting paid for it. Despite being flatly absurd and riddled with obvious logical flaws, this has been one of the major philosophies of property in the US, in some contexts (including water) for over a hundred years. This Washington Post article gets into it in detail. 

According to this logic, if there are water suppliers in a region, then they’re entitled to money when people get water. Collecting rainwater for yourself gets around that, so, in this concept of property, it’s a form of theft.

There have also been legal battles over people growing food in their lawns, generating their own electricity, etc. If you’re looking to extricate yourself from the systems wherein you have to serve the interests of specific wealthy people to survive, many parts of the western world are ready to use the force of government intervention to stop you.

I feel like a big chunk of the ‘dark, gritty’ aesthetic punk is associated with came as a reaction to the bright, glamorous ‘American Dream’ imagery and patronizing ad campaigns of the 50s.

But now that we’re being sold “The future is bleak and dirty and there’s nothing you can do about it,” being optimistic and cheerful is the most punk and rebellious thing you can do

This is an extremely well put point.

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No time to draw anything except a couple of sketchy idiot faces, so there`s something I made long ago х)) (◕‿◕)

“Portrait of Lord Maul with a cat”

It has your eyes…

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Happy birthday, Carrie Fisher! Rest in peace knowing you’ve inspired and will continue to inspire generation after generation of little Leias!

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Thanks @mydonkeyfeet for showing me this tweet

October 21 2017

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Valkyrie by Craig Drake


There should be a tax credit for not having kids.

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Thank you for making an office of two adjuncts laugh today.


When there’s 2 Taiwan Joneses, who both go to Howard, and neither of them know who failed yet

Omg please someone keep me updated.

October 20 2017

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Seeing this gif makes me so angry because why the fuck would you Photoshop Harrison Ford’s face on Harrison Ford?????

just a friendly reminder...



In original test animations for Portal 2 GLaDOS had arms and basically…


…it was mildly concerning

M I L D L Y ? ?




Let people grow.

When I was younger I was very right-wing. I mean…very right-wing. I won’t go into detail, because I’m very deeply ashamed of it, but whatever you’re imagining, it’s probably at least that bad. I’ve taken out a lot of pain on others; I’ve acted in ignorance and waved hate like a flag; I’ve said and did things that hurt a lot of people.

There are artefacts of my past selves online – some of which I’ve locked down and keep around to remind me of my past sins, some of which I’ve scrubbed out, some of which are out of my grasp. If I were ever to become famous, people could find shit on me that would turn your stomach.

But that’s not me anymore. I’ve learned so much in the last ten years. I’ve become more open to seeing things through others’ eyes, and reforged my anger to turn on those who harm others rather than on those who simply want to exist. I’ve learned patience and compassion. I’ve learned how to recognise my privileges and listen to others’ perspectives. I’ve learned to stand up for others, how to hear, how to help, how to correct myself. And I learned some startling shit about myself along the way – with all due irony, some of the things I used to lash out at others for are intrinsic parts of myself.

You wouldn’t know what I am now from what I was then. You wouldn’t know what I was then from what I am now.

It distresses me deeply to think of someone dredging up my dark, awful past and treating me as though that furiously hateful person is still me. It distresses me to see others dredging up the past for anyone who has made efforts to become a better person, out of some sick obsession with proving they’re “problematic.”

Purity culture tells you that once someone says or does something, they can never go back on it. That’s a goddamn lie. While it’s true that some remain unrepentant and never change their ways and continue to harm others, it’s important to allow everyone the chance to learn from their mistakes. Saying something ignorant isn’t murder. Please stop treating it that way. Let people grow.

Still call it out and question it ….

Bruh. No. Listen. Call out what people do now, absolutely. If they haven’t changed, call them out on their record. This post is explicitly not about people who HAVEN’T changed. What this post IS saying is, if someone is making an effort to be a good person, don’t go digging around in their past for evidence that they were once for what they’re now against, or once against what they’re now for, as “proof” of what they “really think,” because people’s opinions and beliefs can change. 

The obsession with finding shit in someone’s past and then claiming that a questionable or even sordid past negates all possibility of a good present needs to become extinct. Gold-star activism and purity culture are bullshit and we need to collectively reject the fuck out of them.

If someone has changed for the better, don’t harass them about what they were like before they fuckin’ changed. That’s shitty and it needs to stop.

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