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June 15 2017

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ELIE SAAB at Couture Spring 2017

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Hi guys!! Pre-orders are currently open on a limited run of “Will Check” and “Frick” hard enamel pins. There’s also a BUY 2, GET A 3rd FREE sale on all prints in my shop. *Please note* that shipment of print orders may be delayed until the second week of July, depending on travel and stock availability.

I’m gearing up for an eye surgery that’ll take me out of work for a week or two in July, so any support or signal boosting is hugely appreciated!!

Find my shop here: http://kreugan.storenvy.com/

Thanks for taking a look!

June 14 2017



Your daughters do not exist to give you grandchildren

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Smother the fire in your soul before it turns your heart to ash.

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the good boys™ are in bloom this time of year !!

A Bountiful Harvest

June 13 2017

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Can pro-choice people please start normalizing abortion as an option in non-dire circumstances?

I know that it can be hard when so much of the conversation around this issue centers on whether or not abortion constitutes baby murder, so people always wind up arguing pro-choice with the most extreme examples, circumstances where you can argue that a person would have to be a monster to insist the woman had to carry out the pregnancy.

And I acknowledge that there are also a lot of people who are only pro-choice in the event of those dire circumstances, who only see it as an acceptable option when the situation is extreme. 

But for the people who believe that a person should ALWAYS have the right to dictate what happens to their body, that circumstances are subjective and legally irrelevant, and that a clump of rapidly dividing cells is not more important than the life and livelihood of the fully-grown human being it is growing inside of… 

Can we please start normalizing the idea that teenagers and rape victims are not the only ones who may have legitimate reasons to get an abortion?

Alternative, equally legitimate reasons include:

  • they can’t afford to support a(nother) child
  • they can’t provide a safe, stable environment
  • they might want children, but good gods not right now!
  • having a baby would mean derailing their life
  • they just don’t want children (and/or think that bringing a child into a world where they are unwanted would be cruel)
  • pregnancy and childbirth would be psychologically damaging (such as for trans men experiencing body dysphoria)

There are LOTS of reasons why a person might choose to get an abortion (or even just consider it), and from a pro-choice perspective, all of them should be equally valid.

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Noodle Moodboard

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A.C. Strip has long understood the significance of the diary his older brother kept as they fled the Holocaust with their parents. He turned it into a self-published book that he gave to his brother as a 90th birthday gift.

But Strip never considered the diary to be an important historical document. The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum is making him rethink that.

Strip’s brother’s journal is one of more than 200 diaries written by Holocaust victims and survivors the museum hopes to digitize and make available to the public with the help of its first crowd-funding campaign. The museum is seeking $250,000 for the project and will begin soliciting donations through Kickstarter on Monday, the birthday of the most famous Holocaust diarist, Anne Frank.

Read More: Here

Donate here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ushmm/save-their-stories-undiscovered-diaries-of-the-hol

If their goal is reached, their entire diary collection will be catalogued, translated, and published online for EVERYONE. They hope to stem holocaust denial by the power of so many readily-available firsthand accounts.

Please signal boost even if you can’t spare $5 to donate!

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Red fox sits among Ravens.


there is something supernatural taking place here that we are not understanding.

Tricksters sit with others in peace because they know there’s no point trying to outsmart a trickster.

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Peggy Carter & Diana Prince

In another universe, they would be best friends. They would share stories, talked about how they both had a “Steve” in their lives, and they would be kicking ass & changing the world.



instead of shipping wars, can we have shipping treaties?

this is just getting stupid.

I solemnly swear not to start or participate in fandom or shipping wars, pairing or kink shaming, or policing others enjoyment of fandom. I promise to be a responsible participant in fandom. I like what I like and that’s okay. Others like what they like, and this is also okay. Just because what we like isn’t the same, or is vastly different, doesn’t make it bad or wrong to like it. 

I swear to keep fandom a safe place for all who wish to participate in it, and recognize that my personal thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and opinions are not the only ones which are valid. 

I will keep dialogue open to the curious that truly wish to learn or understand my position, and will not rise to the bait of attention seeking trolls, flamers, and self appointed ‘Fandom Police’. Instead I will put their vitriol firmly where it belongs, unanswered in the trash can, reported, or behind a block button, then just walk away, since nothing bothers them more than being ignored and left behind. 

I will adhere to the beliefs of appropriately tagging my fics, and adding squick warnings, as needed in order to keep fandom a safe place for others to explore freely, to enjoy or avoid as they wish, and not a mine field to navigate. 

I will also take personal responsibility for my own fandom experience by following concepts such as: ‘Don’t like, Don’t Read’,  ‘Not My Thing, So Move Along’, and ‘Your Kinks Are Not My Kinks, And That’s Okay’.

Reblog to join the Fandom Treaty

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me hoarding all my good story ideas because i want to write them before anyone else does, but also despairing because i’ll probably never see them come to fruition

June 11 2017

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us tv: reviewed 

how could you forget

“im not like other guys i play tetris” *audience laughter*

i actually made this slide but then left it out for minimalism

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